We understand that each line we draw costs money and we are conscious of how we spend a client’s dollars.

Business Philosophy

Guiding Principles

Measure of quality and value to our clients
To Beta Design Group, P.C., quality is meeting the specifications of the client. Our wishes and desires play a minor role behind those of the client. It is our desire to discover what the required specifications are and to meet them. We know that each project is different in terms of scope, personnel, timing, etc. and it is our intention to be a part of making the project a pleasurable one for all parties.  Each party has their particular area of expertise and we have ours, ready to share.

Understanding our role
Beta Design Group understands that a building is a tool for generating income. We understand the needs of our clients and take pride in helping our clients obtain and facilitate their requirements for the construction projects of all sizes and complexities.

Beta Design Group, P.C. and our consultants blend expressive and functional architecture to meet your building program requirements.

Our commitment is to provide value and service. We utilize computer aided design and drafting (CADD) technology to economically serve the needs of our clients. Every effort is made to meet your schedule and budget requirements. We will approach your project in the following manner:

  • We understand that each line we draw costs money and we are conscious of how we spend a client's dollars. Our reputation is founded on being a "contractor's architect ". We demonstrate that we are a fully cooperative part of the construction team.

  • We will strive to understand the contractor's preferences of how to build the project and his incorporate the preferred processes. We understand construction sequences and are very familiar with the fast-tracking delivery system.

  • Our project teams work on one project at a time for maximum concentration and personal assistance.  We understand urgency. We understand that commitments are made and we do our part to make them achievable.